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What if you could be the first name that comes to mind when your previous customers need your services again? What if you could be the company referred when a friend of theirs asks for a recommendation? What if you could remind current or previous customers about other services in a way that dramatically improves conversion rates? What if you could identify and intelligently target your best prospects? And what if you could do all of this without having to invest more than a few hours of your time to get it set up and running systematically?

With Continuity Programs, all of this is not just possible, but part of the highly customizable programs we can create for you. Our cross-media marketing campaigns include a variety of printed mailings and emails, all of them designed to generate responses and leads for your specific services. Our methodology is unique, our technology is proven, and the personalized campaigns are turn-key!

Since 1973, Continuity Programs has been setting industry standards in the design and implementation of customer loyalty marketing programs. Continuity Programs’ company branded marketing solutions focus on increasing customer retention and generating the highest quality leads. Our marketing campaigns are complete turn-key solutions which get you referrals and repeat business while showcasing your product portfolio, maximizing cross selling and up selling opportunities. Continuity Programs has advanced technology that allows for highly flexible and customizable relationship marketing campaigns for any company in any industry.

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Continuity Programs offers highly targeted marketing campaigns to locate new prospects among those most likely to have heard about you from recent clients. Market your products and services to prospects living in the surrounding area of your recent transaction with Continuity Programs’ SurroundMailTM. Or let us build a totally unique prospecting campaign for your company.

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Continuity Programs’ company branded relationship marketing solutions help you increase customer loyalty, get referrals, generate leads, cross sell and up sell, and improve brand equity, while maximizing marketing ROI (Return on Investment). Two-way communication both offline and online generates the highest quality leads and a 10-to-1 average ROI.

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Continuity Programs provides comprehensive reporting of program results with online access for database and lead management. Measure customer satisfaction based on responses from the Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Continuity Programs’ surveys receive a 25% average response rate!

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