Frequently Asked Questions

Continuity Programs has compiled the top frequently asked questions we have received over the years. The questions and answers are below. If you have any question that is not listed, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Are customer names used/sold to other companies for marketing/sales purposes? Absolutely not. For further details, see our privacy statement.

What is EMPOWER and how can it help me? EMPOWER is Continuity Programs’ online database management system. Features of EMPOWER include:

  • Full-service collection, cleaning, organization, and maintenance of your customer database
  • Easy 24/7 access and control of your database
  • Ability to update your personal profile as well as customer data
  • Capacity to enroll new customers and order marketing campaigns
  • Responsive customer data search
  • Viewable online lead generation and customer tracking reports

How do we send our database(s) of customer records to Continuity Programs? You have several options. Choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Your company exports all customer records and e-mails a spreadsheet to Continuity Programs
  • Continuity Programs can provide a spreadsheet that you can fill in and e-mail
  • Set up of a secure FTP site is available
  • Upload your list through EMPOWER
  • Enter each customer into EMPOWER
  • Fax or mail paper documents to Continuity Programs. Continuity Programs can convert your paper database to electronic for an additional fee.

What e-mail address should we send our database / record(s) to?

Can my direct line/cell number be printed on the mailings and e-mails? Yes. If you would rather have your customers calling your cell phone or direct line instead of the general office number, we can set that up in your profile.

Can the messages on the mailings be changed? Yes, one of the best features of the program is that your company has the ability to adapt and adjust the messages and designs on most of the mailings to fit your company’s needs and/or a changing market.

Can our company logo be added to the mailings and e-mails? Yes, we can set up your high resolution company logo in our system and it will be prominently displayed on all your mailings and e-mails. Logos should be sized to fit into a 2.5 inch wide by 1 inch tall box at 300 dpi. They should be saved in CMYK color mode and saved as a JPEG.

Can my professional headshot photo be added to the mailings and e-mails? Yes, we can set up your picture to be printed on your mailings and displayed on your e-mails. Photos should be sized or cropped to 1.14 inches wide by 1.6 inches tall at 300 dpi. They should be saved in CMYK color mode and saved as a JPEG.

How long do your programs last for?

  • eConnections is a subscription-based e-mail marketing program that continues indefinitely, and could last forever, if you so choose.
  • The most popular Connections Programs for realty, mortgage, financial advisors, and HVAC/R industries run for 5 years.
  • The cross-media Connections Programs with E-Alerts range from 1 – 7 years. Real estate and mortgage companies are requesting 7-year programs more often.
  • The pay-as-you-go programs for community banks and credit unions usually last 2 years and the programs are extendable.
  • Onboarding programs for banks and credit unions usually last 90-120 days.
  • All customer retention and lead generation programs are extendable upon completion.
  • Continuity Programs can customize the program duration to fit your budget and needs.

Can a company or marketing department supply their own artwork and designs? Yes, of course!

  • Most credit unions and banks will only use materials with their brand image.
  • Many companies supply their own designs or work with us to design custom materials for their brand image.
  • Don’t have unique artwork of your own? No problem! Continuity Programs has talented graphic designers on staff and quick turnarounds.
  • Various program themes with many different options are available, but many companies will design a custom series in their brand image.

Do you have programs that are paid as you go?

  • Yes, our programs are available in monthly budget-friendly payments, very popular with banks and credit unions.
  • Most of our clients prefer to pay up front. An easy, one-time payment covers multiple years, ensuring that your company doesn’t have to consider it in the future and securing uninterrupted delivery.

What is SurroundMail? SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus are direct mail prospecting programs targeting neighbors of your recent customer and have credibility for a better response rate (500%-1,000% better than blanket mail programs). You choose the quantity of neighbors to target. Continuity Programs develops the mailing list using rooftop radius technology. SurroundMail includes jumbo postcards and SurroundMail Plus includes tri-fold mailers with postage-paid customer response cards.

What are examples of SurroundMail?

  • We just installed a furnace or air conditioner in your neighbor’s home.
  • We recently completed another comprehensive energy audit for one of your neighbors.
  • Your neighbor just got a new car from our dealership.
  • I was able to refinance your neighbor’s home with a 4.25% mortgage.
  • Your neighbor just got a 2.25% interest rate on their car loan. You can join our Credit Union and get the same kind of rates!
  • We just opened a new location, our open house is on Saturday from 1:00-4:00 PM.
  • Just Listed
  • Just Sold
  • Just Closed

Can the property photo be included on “Just Closed”, “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” SurroundMail campaigns? Yes! The property photo can be sent in with the order, or uploaded if you are placing the order through EMPOWER, our private web portal.

Can I enroll my past customers? Absolutely! We have four ReConnect mail programs that are designed for past customers you haven’t been in contact with for a while. These are abbreviated, yet economical, options for your past customer database. Also, our eConnections e-mail marketing campaign is a fantastic option for your entire database of past customers.

What happens if my company cancels their contract with Continuity Programs? In the rare event that a company decides to discontinue their participation with us, they will be given an option to have us maintain each agent’s database and programs for a nominal monthly fee of $8.99 per active agent. The company will also be given an option to provide us permission to release the each agent’s database. If we are granted that permission, we will contact you, so we can set up an individual account and transfer your customers over, so the programs can continue.