Kirk King

Kirk King
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Kirk King, President of Continuity Programs, Inc.

King’s life truly represents the American Dream.

King grew up in Pontiac, Michigan in a blue collar religious household. King’s Dad worked on the assembly line and his Mom cleaned houses. They moved to Waterford, Michigan where he was the first King to graduate from High School. Kirk’s Dad recommended he go to college, but wasn’t in a position to help.

King quickly found out that getting a drafting job was tough with no experience, and went to work in a factory as a Press Operator. He was promoted a couple times, and eventually became a Tool & Die Builder. All of this while paying his own way through college, attending classes in the evenings. King’s nickname in the plant was “OT”; because he never turned down overtime. He averaged 80-hour work weeks.

He graduated from Oakland Community College with honors. He then transitioned his career to Computer Aided Engineering. Working contract back then was the norm, and he did CAE/CAD work for companies like GM Powertrain, Focus Hope, GM Truck, CMI, Allison Aerospace, Marotta, and Amcast.

While pursuing a Bachelors degree, he worked contract at companies like Takata, UTA/Lear, and Delphi, and continued his education at Lawrence Technical University. Hard work led him to the ability to buy his first home at age 23. He later married his true love and started a family. King’s wife, Jamie, also put herself through college, became a CPA, and is now his trusted business partner and CFO.

Upon completion of his Bachelors in Engineering, King was honored to work at BorgWarner for over 10 years. While at BorgWarner, he earned his Master of Business Administration at Wayne State University. At BorgWarner he was responsible for sales and became one of their most successful at winning new business and managing complex projects around the world. BorgWarner was filled with brilliant management who spent lots of time and resources in King’s development. They drilled the importance of differentiation with technology and diversification.

King considers himself blessed and very fortunate to have had the opportunity, ability, and capacity to purchase his own multi-million dollar company in 2010, at the age of 36.

Before he purchased Continuity Programs in 2010, the company had been struggling, like many during that era, because of the economic crisis/recession. By implementing technology, restructuring, changing the focus, and truly dedicating resources to diversify, he has led the company to exponential sales growth. His goal is to grow Continuity Programs with completely automated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software including intelligent marketing with advanced lead generating technology, into a billion dollar corporation, while keeping the company’s excellent customer service as the first priority.

Through all his education and experience, King has become a subject matter expert on helping businesses grow through intelligent systematic marketing. The awards he has received and been nominated for in the community prove his superior level of leadership.

King’s impressive sales background and education coupled with Continuity Programs’ 40+ years of marketing experience make him the go-to authority on growing a business and increasing revenue. King is a dedicated Entrepreneur who enjoys volunteering in the community as a mentor and speaking at universities and business conferences. Most importantly, he is a loving husband and father of two.

Community Involvement:

King and Continuity Programs are active members in the Mortgage Bankers Association, Michigan Bankers Association, Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association, Women’s Council of Realtors, and Motor City Connect. King is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Detroit Chapter. Continuity Programs was selected to participate and successfully completed the MEDC’s Garden Growing Program pilot. King has served as the Secretary (2015) and Treasurer (2016) and was sworn in as the Vice President of the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association board on November 10, 2016.


For 2017, Continuity Programs is named a Michigan 50 Companies to Watch. Continuity Programs was awarded the 2012 Southeast Michigan SBTDC’s Best Small Business. Continuity Programs was also honored with the 2013 Economic Bright Spot Award by Corp! Magazine. King was recognized as one of Oakland County’s Top 40 Under 40 for 2013. King is also honored with the first-ever Alumni Emerging Leaders Award from Wayne State University for 2013.

Educational Speaking:

King educates companies on how to grow their business using today’s best practices for customer relationship management and intelligent database marketing. King has enjoyed speaking at various conferences and seminars across the country. Some of his speaking experience includes the following events:
• Michigan Bankers Association BEST Conference 2017
• Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association Annual Conference 2017
• Michigan HVAC Annual Conference & Expo by Behler-Young 2016
• South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Annual Conference 2016
• Southeast Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association Annual Conference 2014, 2015 and 2016
• Davisware User Conference 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
• Service Super Summit – Contractor Selling 2012 and 2013
• Revenue North Conference 2013
• Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association Annual Conference 2013

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