MGIC Elements

MGIC Elements: Mortgage CRM that Manages Your Customer Relationships

Generating and tracking leads, creating targeted communications, and providing customers with an outstanding lending experience are all necessary steps in achieving more new and repeat business and referrals. An easy-to-use yet highly efficient mortgage lead-generating CRM lets you organize your database and take advantage of all the benefits this technology has to offer. The Easy […]

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real estate listings

How to Get Your Listings Priced Right Against the Seller’s Top Objections

Do you find yourself scrambling for words when faced with a seller’s objections over your real estate listings advice? It’s not an uncommon reaction and it helps to remember that a seller views a home as one of his or her most valuable assets. Emotionally, they will almost always believe it’s worth more than the market […]

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Web-To-Print Process

Advantages of the Web-To-Print Process

The most effective marketing campaigns are multi-channel efforts that reach all members of your target audience in a way that best suits their preference. While there has been an increased focus on social media and digital marketing campaigns because they can reach consumers quickly and at a relatively low cost, you still need effective print […]

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Get More Reviews

Contractor Marketing: 3 Ways to Get More Reviews

Getting more online reviews is a great way to get the word out about your business. Reviews (both good and bad–and how you handle them) can offer your business even more credibility. And depending on the platform, some serious SEO benefits. So including online reviews in your contractor marketing strategy is a smart idea. But how […]

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Best Mortgage CRM

Which Mortgage CRM is Best For You?

Mortgage lenders who want to maximize their value while better managing customers know that CRM software makes customer relationship management more efficient and effective. Purchasing a mortgage-specific CRM can help automate many of your day-to-day marketing and loan processing efforts, as well as facilitating marketing campaigns and customer service. The Best Mortgage CRM for Your […]

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Lead Generation Made Easy with Mortgage CRM

Story As Published in Scotsman Guide By Kirk King, President of Continuity Programs, Inc. Different times require different strategies and innovations to compete in an ever-changing mortgage-lending world. In 2016, many lenders and mortgage companies turned to automated technology to help them better compete. Most of them, however, still are not using that technology to […]

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Newsletter Creation

Contractor Marketing: Tips for Newsletter Creation

Sending out a newsletter consistently (weekly, monthly or quarterly) is a great way to stay top of mind for your email list. Building and nurturing an email list is also one of the most effective lead generation and conversion strategies in digital marketing. But how do you get started on your first newsletter? Sitting and […]

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Direct Mail Campaign

Revamping Your Real Estate Direct Mail Campaign: 3 Tips

Traditional direct mail campaigns have changed dramatically, but some businesses have been slower to adapt than others. Direct mail still leads in ROI, so if your real estate marketing campaigns aren’t delivering the return you’re looking for, it may be time for an overhaul. Revamp Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns Studies show that 66 percent of […]

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Lenders Embrace These Technologies to Improve Their Customers’ Mortgage Experience

Feature Story As Published in Great Lakes Banker Magazine By Kirk King, President of Continuity Programs, Inc. Lenders don’t want to be tech companies, yet they desperately need technology. The more loans funded per employee per month, the more efficient and profitable the lending operation. Is your company’s number at least 12 loans per employee […]

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