Effective Mortgage CRM

Nuts and Bolts of an Effective Mortgage CRM

If you want your mortgage business to thrive amongst your competitors, you need to ensure your mortgage CRM has the best features to generate and nurture leads, take advantage of client referrals, and put a serious emphasis on client retention. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it’s a software you utilize to help generate […]

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Real Estate Marketing Tips

3 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Tips

The good news for real estate owners, investors, and agents is that there’s no shortage of potential ways to market real estate. You know it takes time to position yourself in front of the right audience, but if your current real estate marketing efforts aren’t performing as well as you’d like, there are steps you […]

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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: Improving Your Email Responses

Small business marketing is never easy. Whether you’re in a crowded marketplace trying to compete with the big boys, or you just want to continue growing so you don’t start shrinking, e-mail is likely at the fore of your thoughts. E-mail marketing can be effective, but many business users simply don’t get the responses that […]

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Web to Print

Web-To-Print: 5 Things to Know

Web to print (Web2Print) allows companies to upload their own unique content, review templates, and approve the final print materials without needing to meet face-to-face with the printer. The innovation saves companies time and money on their marketing materials. It helps businesses trim unnecessary spending, get their marketing materials faster, and remain competitive. The following […]

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Mortgage Marketing

Past Client Mortgage Marketing: What’s Missing?

Did you know that when you increase client retention just 5%, your profitability can increase an average of 75%? There’s no greater incentive than that for focusing your mortgage marketing campaigns on getting repeat business from past clients. Here’s why: Repeat clients spend a whopping 300% more than new ones and are more likely to […]

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Contractor Marketing

Contractor Marketing: Making the Most of Email

A lot of contractors are still stuck in the age of not collecting customer email addresses. Email marketing is a cost effective way to reach your customers. In 2017, email should definitely be a part of your contractor marketing strategy. Here are a few ways to help your business make the most of email. 1. […]

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Fall Contractor Marketing

4 Ideas for Fall Contractor Marketing

It’s time to start your contractor marketing campaigns for the autumn season. It’s starting to cool off, and there are many ways to use that to your company’s advantage. If you’re looking for creative ways to update your marketing strategy for the next season, here are four ideas for your fall contractor marketing. 1. Promote your profitable fall services. Take […]

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Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Increasing the Value of Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Real estate marketing flyers can be a cost-effective marketing tool for generating leads. Are yours producing the results you’re looking for, or falling short of expectations? There are simple changes and improvements you can make that will increase their value to your overall marketing goals. Real Estate Marketing Flyers That Deliver Try these often-overlooked tweaks […]

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mortgage marketing

Mortgage Marketing: Tips for Targeting Millennials

Marketing to Millennials is very different from marketing to Gen X or Baby Boomers. They’re very savvy, they’re very good at ignoring traditional advertising, and their buying habits are extremely different from the generations before them. So if you’re working in mortgage marketing and wondering how to get Millennials to buy, here are a few […]

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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Techniques For Getting Referrals

Referrals are a powerful tool for real estate agents and how they get most of their business. To win those referrals, you need to be the first agent clients, prospects, and other people think of when they – or someone they know – needs your real estate expertise. Are you getting all the referrals you […]

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