Lead Generation Techniques That Ensure Optimal ROI

An effective lead generation program is vital to the continued survival of any business. However, just generating leads isn’t enough; an appreciable percentage of the leads must be converted to paying customers to maintain an acceptable return on investment. Here are some lead generation techniques you can apply to your marketing to improve the ROI […]

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Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Go Hand in Hand

Marketing automation is a business strategy that can give you a significant edge in the acquisition, nurturing and conversion of new customers. Evidence continues to mount that a well-run and intelligently deployed system of marketing automation can produce substantial improvements in sales efficiency, lead generation, customer retention and conversion.

Lead Generation

Revamping Your Lead Generation Campaign With the Start of a New Year

The start of a new year is a convenient milestone to celebrate while at the same time reviewing your lead generation tactics. Here are four of the most basic principles of lead generation. If your lead generation system is falling short in any of these areas, take the time to revamp your techniques and ensure the consistent […]