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Get More Leads by Utilizing Mobile Marketing

The proliferation of mobile computing means there is a staggeringly large number of these devices in use today. Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers–all keep users constantly connected while on the go, and smart marketers recognize how deep this pool of potential leads can be. Here are some ways to use mobile marketing for lead generation, and […]

Spend 20 Minutes a Day Generating Leads from LinkedIn

For today’s social media-savvy professionals, LinkedIn provides an effective online platform for networking, job searching, and staying in touch with colleagues. For marketers, LinkedIn also offers a bounty of leads and potential customers who may respond to their products and services. Here are some techniques for effective LinkedIn lead generation in only 20 minutes a […]

Customer Prospecting — The Neighborly Marketing Approach

Businesses that rely on local consumers to drive sales can benefit from taking a neighborly approach to marketing. Used in combination with other direct-mail marketing campaigns, a multilevel strategy that includes customer prospecting can be an ideal, cost-effective means to producing a more effective customer database.

It’s About Them… Customers, Clients, Partners, and Prospects

Posted by Terry Bean The sooner you figure that out, the more effective relationships you’ll have.  The more effective your relationships are, the faster your business will grow.  Remembering this when it comes to your communications will set you apart from most other people we will meet. Why? Because most people haven’t contemplated this possibility: […]