Effective Cross Selling System Will Lead To Greater Customer Loyalty

Without an effective cross selling campaign, you could be losing valuable sales potential to your competitors. If customers who purchase one product or service from you are not aware of your other products and services, you could be greatly limiting not only the ROI on your marketing efforts, but customer loyalty, too.

What Marketing Solutions Work For Service Industries?

Most small businesses in the U.S. that gross under $1 million in sales are service industry companies. These businesses often get caught in the trap of placing most of their emphasis on just staying in business rather than on developing overall, long-term strategies for success. Unfortunately, that means less opportunity to grow your company. Marketing solutions […]

Best Ecards For Business? 3 Tips To Guide Your Selection

Using a combination of traditional mail and email, businesses can develop a highly efficient strategy to connect with existing customers, generate leads and increase brand awareness. Built on a foundation of a strong customer retention program, ecard programs in particular give businesses a low-cost communication method. What are the best ecards for business? Businesses should […]

Automatic Thank You Cards Let Customers Know You Care

The value of a personal note is priceless, and optimizing that connection with your customers can mean the difference between getting lost in all the marketing noise and helping your company stand out to your valued customers. Automatic thank you cards can make that communication process infinitely easier — and with a more systematic, planned […]