How Referral Programs Put Your Customers To Work For You

Your business most likely has existing customers who are satisfied with your products and services, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to extend your customer base with an effective, formalized referral program? Sometimes called “word of mouth” marketing, developing a referral program within your overall marketing strategy can optimize something that probably already […]

Fine-Tuning Your HVAC Marketing Strategy

An effective HVAC marketing strategy should generally include a broad spectrum of tools designed to reach your target consumer, and yield results. But, finding out just what those tools are can be difficult, and that process requires time. And unless you have the time to spend hours staying up-to-date on the latest marketing know-how, your […]

Customer Retention Programs — Three Ways To Nurture And Maintain Customer Relationships

Want to know what your customers are really thinking? You can create and nurture the relationship with your current customers with effective customer retention programs that allow you to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds, as well as allowing them the opportunity to provide input — giving you valuable, real-time information […]

Three Essential Benefits Of Targeted Email Campaigns

Are you using your leads wisely? While it’s important to have a collection of valuable leads (qualified and other), what you do with those leads generally dictates success. Much of marketing’s hype is currently centered on social media, leading some to believe email is a relic, but that’s just not true. Targeted email campaigns may […]

Automatic Thank You Cards Let Customers Know You Care

The value of a personal note is priceless, and optimizing that connection with your customers can mean the difference between getting lost in all the marketing noise and helping your company stand out to your valued customers. Automatic thank you cards can make that communication process infinitely easier — and with a more systematic, planned […]

Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Gauge Your Marketing Strategy

How do you assess the success of your marketing strategy? Does it include customer satisfaction surveys? It should — they give you a direct line into the thoughts of your customers, and provide targeted information you can use to streamline your approach to marketing — and its success. Customer satisfaction surveys can provide your business […]