Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Gauge Your Marketing Strategy

How do you assess the success of your marketing strategy? Does it include customer satisfaction surveys? It should — they give you a direct line into the thoughts of your customers, and provide targeted information you can use to streamline your approach to marketing — and its success. Customer satisfaction surveys can provide your business with a measurable means to assess your approach.

What should an effective survey include? Metrics on the device should be tailored to your business and can focus on customer satisfaction within the following components:

  • Products.
  • Services.
  • Delivery.
  • Ordering process.
  • Rating of the salesperson they worked with.
  • Future plans for repeat business.
  • Factors influencing them to choose your company.
  • Overall satisfaction with your company.
  • Customer loyalty likeliness.
  • Recommendations to family and friends, based on the products or services you sell, and based on overall satisfaction with your company.

The format of your survey requires careful consideration to ensure that your customers will engage with it. Develop a survey that is:

  • Easy to use: “Yes” or “no” questions are effective.
  • Short: A survey that takes more than a few minutes to fill out might get tossed.
  • Targeted: Including key components that you want the survey to measure.
  • Informative: Ask for details that tell you what your customers want, how they shop, when they need services, etc.

The customer satisfaction survey that you implement should yield a summery or analysis of the overall results, so you can outline variances in geographical regions, gender and age. This type of information will help you assess the departments, sales programs and employees within your company, along with how your business measures up nationally.

How often should you conduct a survey? There’s no hard-and-fast rule; evaluate your marketing strategy to consider how often to place a survey in front of existing customers in order to engage them. Frequency often depends upon industry. If your business is driven by seasonal changes, for instance, a quarterly survey might be effective.

Continuity Programs provides turn-key solutions, including customer satisfaction surveys, to maximize your business’ investment in marketing — and our proven track record across many industries will help turn your marketing strategy from lackluster to robust.