Why Direct Mail Options Reach Targeted Consumers

Direct mail stands as one of the most effective marketing tools around. It’s a proven method that continues to produce. As part of your overall marketing strategy, and combined with other successful tools like business e-cards, email marketing campaigns, and customer retention programs, direct mail will position your business for optimal ROI.

Customer Retention Strategy: 3 Tips For Creating An Effective One

Don’t have a customer retention strategy? You could be missing out on potentially valuable business from your existing customers — business that’s much more cost-effective to garner and produces a higher volume of sales. A successful business must balance a focus on new customer leads with nurturing existing customers, creating a convergence of the best of both […]

Five Ways Customer Loyalty Programs Reward You And Your Clients

Whether you have an existing customer loyalty program or you’re thinking about creating one, experts generally agree that customer loyalty programs give you an edge. The benefits include retaining existing customers, engaging new ones and enhancing sales. But maybe it’s time to rethink customer loyalty entirely — for what works with today’s customer.

Customized Marketing Solutions: Whether Your Business Is Big Or Small, They Impact Your Bottom Line

Think most businesses don’t need customized marketing solutions? That’s true only if you want to keep your business locked into its past performance, and stunt its growth. Customers have changed, and the way they buy has changed, too. That’s why every business can benefit from customized marketing solutions: A finely tuned marketing program will target your […]

Why Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns Hit The Mark — No Matter What You’re Selling

Whenever you decide to begin a new marketing campaign, the end result should provide a significant return on the investment, or ROI. That’s why it’s important for businesses to take the time to evaluate the best strategy moving forward, one that will get results. Cross-media marketing campaigns could be just what you’re looking for — they […]

Are Email Campaigns Ideal For Your Type Of Business?

Email campaigns rank high in the lineup of successful marketing strategies, in the company of social media marketing and search engine optimization, and the good news is that they work for almost any type of business. Why are email campaigns so profitable? Their primary draw is their cost. Email campaigns are a low-cost tool that […]

Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys Should Follow These 5 Rules

Customer satisfaction surveys are an effective tool businesses can use to gauge success. A well-developed survey with a long-term strategy can provide valuable insight as to why customers selected your company, and how your business can strategize change to boost marketing ROI.  To be successful, however, a customer satisfaction survey should follow five guidelines: