Current Advantages of Direct Mail Offers

direct mail, Continuity ProgramsWhile cross-media/multi-channel marketing campaigns often net the best results, direct mail offers should not be ignored. Because direct mail puts a tangible touch point in the hands of consumers, it often nets successful results. And direct mail delivers several distinct advantages.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reports that nearly 98 percent of recipients retrieve their mail on a daily basis, so your direct mail offer quickly gets into the hands of potential customers. Additionally, the USPS estimates that when those 98 percent bring their mail inside, 77 percent open it right away.

According to a study written about in the February 2012 issue of Deliver Magazine, “Customers are willing to take on at least twice as many direct mail messages as they are communications in any other medium.” The article goes on to explain that many consumers find it obtrusive when companies contact them by telephone or email, and when they receive information by mail, they can sit and review it when the time is convenient for them.

Direct mail remains an efficient, valuable marketing vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of its benefits:

  • Targeted results. One of the main benefits of direct mail lies in its ability to target a specific market. Using demographics, along with other criteria, you can direct your offers to consumers who are more likely to buy your products and services, netting you a high ROI.
  • Personalization. The personal touch makes a difference, and it generally produces better response rates. Direct mail allows you to include each consumer’s name and tailor the offer to their demographic.
  • Flexibility. Direct mail gives you the ability to choose from a large number of marketing formats, including letters, postcards, greeting cards, surveys and thank you cards.
  • Immediate feedback. Direct mail is an easily measurable marketing tool. Further, you can send out a smaller test campaign initially and then expand the parameters.
  • Familiarity. One of the main factors every marketing campaign must overcome is customer wariness. Consumers are leery of sales offers, and they’re bombarded daily with advertising. A direct mail offer rides on the advantage of using a familiar and trusted vehicle: the mail.

Consider the advantages direct mail offers provide by using a trusted, proven method to target your audience. Continuity Programs can help you develop effective, company branded direct mail offers as part of a larger cross media marketing campaign, boosting customer loyalty and lead generation.

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