Customer Retention Marketing Programs Allow You To Generate And Track Leads

customer retention, Continuity ProgramsWith an effective customer retention marketing program, you should expect to receive referrals as well as repeat business.

With your sights squarely set on brand marketing, creating loyalty among your existing customers gets easier — and you’ll pay less over the long term to retain customers than you will to continually acquire new ones. But to make any customer retention program work, you need a means to track those leads.

Two-way communication is the key to an effective customer retention program. It’s not enough to simply solicit to your market audience again and again; it’s essential to give your customers a way to respond, and through a variety of means. Doing so will garner valuable information about your customers’ buying needs and habits.

A quality customer retention marketing program should:

  • Provide an easy, targeted response form that allows customers to identify product and service needs, as well as the expected date of their next purchase.
  • Utilize a variety of marketing methods, including tried-and-true print as well as email marketing.
  • Be built on a foundation of a series of methodical, directed marketing touch points that continuously build trust and connection with your customers, without overdoing it.
  • Improve branding by including personalized details about your business at every stage of the campaign.

To track the valuable insight and information you get from a customer retention marketing program, your tracking system should:

  • Offer the ability to see the “big picture” view of all transactions
  • Provide daily notification of leads that allow you to quickly respond to customer needs and requests
  • Separate urgent leads from non-urgent leads, with the latter delivered to you weekly or monthly
  • Give your entire team the ability to use the system, prioritizing your company branding so that everyone is on the same page

With the one-two punch of customer retention marketing and a tracking system, you’ll see your brand awareness and lead generation increase dramatically. Continuity Programs provides turnkey marketing solutions that help businesses improve customer retention, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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