How To Effectively Design Marketing Surveys

designing marketing surveys, Continuity ProgramsMarketing surveys are an effective tool that businesses use to measure and track their performance, along with their customers’ overall satisfaction with products and services.

They provide valuable information that when used correctly can help a business fine tune its offerings and sales process, ultimately boosting sales and growth.

The first step in the process is to design the survey. Here are several steps that will help you develop meaningful, effective marketing surveys:

Decide the goals
The survey you design should focus on your main goals; if you produce a survey that has too many goals, it’s less likely to provide you with useful information. A good place to start is with a perceived area of weakness or an area where you’d like to see more growth.

Your goals could include any of the following:

  • How do people find out about your business?
  • How satisfied are your customers and do they want additional information from you?
  • How does your typical customer learn about products and services? Are they tech savvy?

Determine your demographics
In this step, you’ll need to decide to whom you will deliver the marketing surveys. Will it include your entire database, or a select sample?

You could survey:

  • Customers who visit a specific web page, such as a landing page or product page
  • Customers who are signed up for your email newsletter
  • Customers in your local area

Decide on the means
How will you deliver the marketing surveys? Will you utilize an online form, direct mail or a third-party lead generating program? Your target demographics will in part determine how you deliver the survey. For instance, if you’re going to target people who visit a product page, you’ll want to develop an online survey.

Build the survey
A few key factors to keep in mind during this phase of development include what and how much to ask. Studies have shown that if you ask more questions, responders will spend less time on each question. A good rule of thumb is to ask a minimum number of carefully planned questions that meet the initial goals for your survey. Also, when you have a third party administer and send out your surveys, you are likely to get a higher response rate.

If you’d like expert advice or help designing your marketing survey program, contact Continuity Programs today. We build company branded marketing programs to help you grow your business.

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