Looking For ROI? Cross-Media Marketing Programs Are The Solution

email marketing, Continuity ProgramsCross-media marketing programs can provide businesses with a distinct advantage over those that use a single medium. Why? Technology has changed the way customers buy, and businesses that keep up with those changes gain a number of real benefits:

  • Your message gains more traction via delivery through multiple channels.
  • You have more control over your brand as you develop consistent branding messages across those channels.
  • Your cost per lead decreases. With a variety of means to distribute your message and increase brand awareness, you’re more likely to attract more potential customers.
  • You get more qualified leads — those that are uniquely matched to your products or services — boosting the likelihood of sales.
  • You create a place for qualified leads to communicate with your business, leading to a quicker sales timeline.
  • You boost market growth. With a cross-media marketing program helping to optimize business growth as you reach out to take advantage of a growing market, you firmly position your business as an industry leader.
  • You help to nurture existing customer relationships, improving customer loyalty.

If your business hasn’t yet explored a cross-media campaign, you might be wondering where to begin and what a successful cross-media campaign looks like. Here are some tips:

  • Spread the love. Until you’ve proven success, don’t place too much focus on one form of media over any other. Until you’ve used and tested several forms and figured out how your customers interact with all of the available touchpoints, use multiple forms, such as email marketingcustomer satisfaction surveys and thank you cards.
  • Know the language. Relevance is king here, so make sure that all marketing touchpoints are personalized and developed to engage and persuade.
  • Use what works. Testing and analyzing results will help your business understand what messages work best and why, further increasing ROI.

If you had the choice to use a variety of media to enhance your marketing programs and improve your ROI, would you jump at the chance? The experts at Continuity Programs are happy to help you develop cross-media marketing programs that fit your business and increase your marketing programs’ ROI.

Email marketing image via Shutterstock