Customized Marketing Solutions That Make “Connections”

customized marketing solutions, Continuity ProgramsIf you want to take your growth to the next level, you need customized marketing solutions that will combine customer retention and lead generation, allowing you to nurture and grow sales from your existing customers, while simultaneously acquiring new ones.

At Continuity Programs, we believe one of the best ways to solicit new customers is through your existing loyal ones. And that’s why we developed our proven Connections Customer Retention Program, built on a foundation of consistent communication over a period of time through two streams of touch points: Mail and e-mail marketing campaigns.

The Connections program includes the following strategies:

  • The personal touch – Every touch point we send out is personalized.
  • Response – The program utilizes a variety of tools that allow your customers to respond, either through including pre-addressed, postage-paid response cards or online forms, so that your customer can easily and clearly communicate with you.
  • Customized – You can use your own design team to develop marketing materials, or you can utilize Continuity Programs’ in-house team of expert graphic designers. Either way, with the Connections program, you can be assured that your brand will shine through on every touch point, offering a consistent representation of your business.
  • Results oriented – Our programs are uniquely designed to perform, either to generate a lead, elicit a referral, and/or up-sell and/or cross-sell.
  • Tracking – With detailed reports, you can easily see the success rate of and customer information gleaned from the program.

The program itself utilizes a variety of touch points sent over time, and you choose a cycle that ranges from one to seven years. Alternatively, we can help you develop event-based customized marketing. With Connections, business owners can develop a program that includes communications such as:

  • Thank you cards
  • Customer-satisfaction surveys
  • Personalized letters and questionnaires
  • Greeting cards
  • Seasonal cards
  • E-cards
  • KipKards
  • Lead-generating surveys
  • E-alerts, which allow you to alert customers to the next scheduled mailing

Why not take advantage of your hard-won, loyal customer base? With the Connections program, you can grow qualified leads, up-sell and cross-sell, all while keeping your existing customers right where they are.

Contact Continuity Programs and ask about our customized marketing solutions. Our company works hard to provide customers with personalized marketing, and we can make sure your company has consistent branding across a wide range of media.

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