Direct Mail Connections That Every Business Should Be Using

direct mail connections, Continuity ProgramsAt Continuity Programs, our strategy for getting proven results for our clients includes using direct mail tools combined with web-based communications. With programs designed to ensure that your business regularly communicates with your customer base, you’ll get the results your business needs in terms of customer retention and lead generation.

Your existing customers are your most valuable commodity. They may already be educated about your products and services, having bought from you in the past, and as a result are more likely to buy related and more expensive products from you. That’s why effective marketing campaigns should target your existing customers to up-sell and cross-sell, increase brand awareness, and generate referrals that translate into EXCLUSIVE high-quality leads.

What direct mail communications work so well that every business should be using them?

  • Customer satisfaction surveys – Our surveys consist of a short series of questions designed to not only generate information about how your customers perceive your business and your staff, but also garner valuable insight into customer loyalty. Every survey must include a self-addressed, postage-paid reply envelope.
  • Lead generation surveys – We utilize lead generating surveys, along with event-based and whole-database mailers, to solicit marketing and research information about customer needs, present and future.
  • Neighborhood prospecting – Our unique SurroundMail Program allows businesses to send targeted messages to the neighbors of their customers. Spread your company brand in the geographical areas where you are already doing business.
  • Thank you cards and other greeting cards – Personalized thank you cards and other greeting cards get opened and can be one of the best ways to cross sell to your existing customers. And putting a physical card in the hands of your customers establishes trust and an emotional bond between them and your business, while driving brand awareness.

Don’t forget to request a referral on every communication!

At Continuity Programs, our marketing campaigns get better than average response rates. We like to brag about our programs’ stats, because they benefit our clients. You can expect a good return on investment (ROI), with high open rates (our customer satisfaction surveys receive an average 25 percent return) and lead generation (our cross media marketing tools typically net a tenfold ROI).

With effective direct mail and web-based tools, your cross media marketing campaign will help you grow your company, using tried-and-true tools. Contact Continuity Programs for more information about our proven marketing programs. Our programs can be adjusted to fit your company’s brand, and we will personalize all marketing materials for each individual salesperson.

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