Effective Examples Of Using QR Codes

using qr codes to generate leads, Continuity ProgramsQuick Response (QR) codes are growing in popularity and for good reason. Their rise has matched the growth of the mobile web community. Using QR codes in your marketing mix will help to reach a distinct segment of your market, providing access to a unique niche.

QR codes are basically a form of lead generation. A smartphone user can scan a two-dimensional image, which will take the user directly to a website, landing page or any other online tool you designate.

Think of QR codes as high-tech bar codes that can be effectively utilized in marketing campaigns. Yet, they provide much more information than a bar code (anyone with a smartphone can scan one), and they are much more flexible.

In your marketing materials, QR codes can be used in nearly unlimited ways to generate leads. Here are a few examples:

  • Use a QR code on your printed materials such as postcards, mailings, brochures, customer satisfaction surveys, and neighborhood prospecting campaigns. Once scanned, the code can direct the user to your website, specialized landing page, online lead generating survey, and so on.
  • You can also implement codes that send consumers to your website for product information. In this way, you can educate them about particular products and services before they buy. It’s also possible to link a QR code to an educational video.
  • QR codes can be programmed to send consumers to your contact information or e-mail list sign-up form.
  • Businesses can use codes as a coupon, offering a special for smartphone users only, or first-time buyers.

The flexibility of QR codes allows businesses to utilize them in a customizable way, and they ensure consistent branding, too.

At Continuity Programs, we specialize in creating and implementing QR codes for personalized marketing campaigns and online lead generation forms. Our comprehensive programs are customizable to fit your company’s needs, and we will personalize all marketing materials to effectively represent your brand. Fill out the request information form on our blog for more information.

QR code image via Shutterstock