Does Your Business Have A Strategy For Client Follow-up?

customer follow-up, Continuity ProgramsIt can be time consuming for small businesses to conduct efficient client follow-up — but not with a carefully developed turnkey marketing program. Following up with clients can turn them into loyal repeat customers. In order to do so, you need a plan that streamlines the process and uses effective materials for educating and enticing customers.


Throughout all the phases of communication with your customers, you need an effective plan for meeting their needs. For instance, materials designed to educate your customers on your products and services should include a call to action, giving your customers the means to communicate with you, whether it’s to request more information or to take advantage of a special discount.


It may seem nearly impossible to create an effective client follow-up plan because of time constraints or a lack of resources. But taking advantage of a program that consists of proven communication touch points makes it easy to develop and implement a plan.

Continuity Programs, a long-standing marketing company that serves businesses across the spectrum, has developed turnkey marketing solutions that are customizable to your industry and your company’s specific needs.

We take the guesswork out of client follow-up with our Connections program, which uses:

  • Cross-media tools, including social media, email marketing and print programs
  • A tried and true program of touch points that helps you plan your communications over a period of time. Our most effective programs are 5 years in duration.
  • Methodology that prioritizes brand awareness through every touch point
  • Programs that help you generate leads, cross-sell and increase customer retention and loyalty
  • High-value marketing copy that educates customers, showcases your product portfolio and incorporates effective calls to action in every touch point
  • Database management that helps you organize your customer contact information and keep it up to date
  • Tracking and measuring tools that keep you informed on all program activity and response rates

Make client follow-up easy, with Continuity Programs’ cost-effective, streamlined and customized marketing solutions that get results. Contact us to discuss a personalized program designed to fit your company’s brand.