Improve Prospecting Program Results By Focusing On 5 Factors

improve prospecting program results, Continuity ProgramsLooking to increase your business reach into neighboring areas or even the whole country? An effective prospecting program can make all the difference if it reaches the right places — and the right people.

At Continuity Programs, our proven TargetMailTM prospecting programs get results, time and again. In fact, they score higher than the industry average.

One of the reasons our prospecting programs are such high achievers is the demographic marketing that powers them. With access to data on 235 million people in America and 120 million total households, our programs use five key factors to segment your market and your potential customers, so the investment you put into a prospecting program will pay off — multiple times.

When you invest in a prospecting program at Continuity Programs, we’ll focus on these five factors:

  • Demographics – These market data reveal general information such as age, occupation, marital status and ethnicity.
  • Financial – This data segment shows overall income, debt and assets.
  • Lifestyle – Factors here show information on interests such as hobbies and pets and time spent on them.
  • Market indicator – This segment helps businesses understand and predict buying patterns.
  • Triggers – The last segment helps businesses explore consumer life events that may motivate changes in buying behaviors, such as having a baby or getting married.

With critical market data at your fingertips, you can strategize a prospecting program that hits the mark and avoid needlessly sending direct mail and email marketing campaigns to consumers who don’t fall within your demographics.

For more information about our TargetMail programs or for help giving your prospecting program a once-over, contact Continuity Programs. Find out how our proven marketing programs can benefit your business. Our turnkey marketing programs are completely customizable and personalized to adapt to the needs and branding of your business.