Turnkey Onboarding: Marketing Programs For Banks And Credit Unions

turnkey onboarding for banks and credit unions, Continuity ProgramsFor banks and credit unions, turnkey onboarding is a must to overcome the three most common barriers to customer retention, higher cross-selling rates and better customer satisfaction.

Without an effective onboarding strategy, banks and credit unions face a number of unique challenges that can make all the difference between growth and a standstill:

  • Usage of new accounts depends on how engaged each customer is.
  • The beginning of the relationship with a new customer is where they decide if they trust your company.
  • Cross-selling ratios can only increase with timely customer communications.

Onboarding strategies are the key to overcoming these three deficits. But it’s clear — and industry research supports this — that most banks and credits unions do not use turnkey onboarding.

What is turnkey onboarding?

Turnkey onboarding is a systematic approach to a strategy for addressing customers’ needs in the first three months after they open accounts. Research shows that this initial time frame is the ideal one in which to retain a customer, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

And this can be done with a fairly simple approach that meets these goals:

  • Identify the needs of the customer.
  • Follow up with communications that encourage sales as well as educate.
  • Stimulate customer response with a series of touch points that help them engage with your company’s other products.

Continuity Programs’ turnkey onboarding strategy for banks and credit unions includes solutions that address the three key identifiers for growth: customer retention, cross-selling and customer satisfaction. We’ll help you develop a series of touch points that will help you to identify consumer needs and immediately begin a conversation, all while prioritizing your company brand.

Contact Continuity Programs for more information about our turnkey bank and credit union onboarding programs. Our comprehensive programs are customizable to fit your company’s needs, and we will personalize all marketing materials to effectively represent your brand.