How To Boost Past Customer Reactivation Success

past customer reactivation, Continuity ProgramsMost businesses know that holding on to past customers is a priority. Knowing how to effectively implement a marketing program for past customer reactivation — and using it — will get you the results your business needs.

Here are some numbers to consider:

  • If you lose 10 percent of your customers in a year, you can lose 20 percent of your overall revenue.
  • When you lose customers, you have to boost revenue by 20 percent just to see growth rise by 10 percent.

Most savvy businesses divide their marketing in the following way:

  • Existing customers – 65 percent
  • New customers – 25 percent
  • Past customer reactivation – 15 percent

If your marketing plan fails to include past customer reactivation, you could be risking revenue from that 15 percent. A successful past-customer reactivation program should include these components to identify those who should be getting your attention and engage them:

  • Accommodate all customers. Your database should be able to separate customers who purchase regularly from those who haven’t purchased in awhile.
  • Use materials that help past customers remember why they chose you in the first place, showcasing the features and benefits of your products and services.
  • Engage past customers with a steady stream of marketing communications that strategically reintroduces your business.

By taking advantage of Continuity Programs’ past customer reactivation program, ReConnectTM, we can help you set-it-and-forget-it:

  • Set up personalized marketing materials that are strategically designed to retain customers, generate leads, cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Choose from a series of communications that spans one to seven years.
  • Develop a relationship with past customers through greeting cards, E-cards, email marketing, customer satisfaction surveys and so forth.
  • Achieve two-way communications, with every touch point optimized with a response form.
  • Customize materials with your brand, including your logo, color scheme and company name and information.
  • Personalize the touch points for each salesperson in your company.
  • Segment customers with our high-powered database system, Empower.

Past customer reactivation success is yours. Contact Continuity Programs, and find out how our proven, customizable, personalized and company branded programs can boost your marketing efforts.

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