Brand Consistency: Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Well-Intentioned Businesses Make

maintain brand consistency, Continuity ProgramsNo matter the size of your company, brand matters. Further, brand consistency will help increase your brand recognition, and ultimately drive sales. When your business gets serious about its brand, knowing how to be consistent about the message you deliver every time a customer receives marketing materials from you or interacts with a sales rep will take your business to the next level.

How to ensure brand consistency

In order to develop an effective brand consistency strategy, your business should avoid these three common pitfalls that businesses make:

  • Failing to impress your brand through marketing materials: Here’s a common scenario that occurs: You’ve upgraded your website and spent a lot of money doing so, but you have mailers or brochures still on hand that aren’t congruent with the website’s color scheme or logo. A business owner might mistakenly think that it’s cost effective to put those old mailers into circulation. But it’s not. To the contrary, using them runs counter to brand consistency, and confuses consumers. In fact, if the impression consumers get from the website and the mailer strike a significant contrast, they might even think the touch points are from two different companies, countering any effort you make at brand consistency.
  • Changing a brand message: Savvy businesses know that the brand they set out to project should be the brand they continue to project over time. A business with a luxury product, for instance, generally reserved for higher-end markets should not sacrifice its quality in order to make it available to other markets. Changing the focus would become a barrier to brand consistency. Keep your brand consistency congruent regardless of demographics or market.
  • A lack of training in brand consistency: Customer service reps to sales team members should know your brand, and convey that message every time they communicate with customers. If they don’t, you’ll compromise not only brand consistency, but your brand in general.

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