Results-Oriented Corporate Marketing Program Offers Flexibility, Customized Options

corporate marketing program offers flexibility, Continuity ProgramsBusinesses must balance multiple streams of marketing at once, such as generating leads and attracting new business, retaining customers and up-selling and cross-selling. An effective corporate marketing program should allow you to equally focus on acquisition, extension and retention. Each stream must contribute its share, as a robust overall revenue flow depends on a healthy supply from each one. When one “leg” doesn’t pull its weight, your business will feel the effects.

With Continuity Program’s turnkey corporate marketing program, you can “set it and forget it”  while we target each of the three areas on your behalf, and you will also benefit from our industry-leading reporting technologies. All of our programs are totally customizable to your company brand.


Stay on top of your business’ need to acquire new customers with one of Continuity Program’s many proven corporate marketing programs designed to generate leads. Our prospecting programs include the SurroundMail and SurroundMail Plus neighborhood marketing programs, and Target Mail which allows us to use demographics to target your ideal customers.


Stay focused on keeping your existing customers coming back with Connections, our comprehensive corporate marketing program designed to encourage consistent communications with your customers, while generating exclusive leads and referrals. You can choose which materials to include in your cross-media campaign, and design a program that runs from one to seven years.


Make your existing customers even more valuable, encouraging them to buy other products and services from your businesses. Choose what to send and when to send it, and we’ll do all the work for you. Every marketing piece will include response forms – either printed or online – to encourage two-way communication, through a postage-paid reply form or link to a landing page.


No corporate marketing program would be complete without a means to track your programs and measure their effectiveness. That’s why our corporate marketing programs are paired with our EMPOWER database management system, which allows you to pull reports and track and measure customer responses to timely leads to future customer needs.

With customized, personalized corporate marketing programs, you’ll position your business for consistent growth. Contact Continuity Programs for more details about our comprehensive, turnkey marketing programs.