Give Customer Retention Marketing An Overhaul For Better ROI

customer retention marketing is effective17Savvy businesses balance their efforts in acquisition, retention and extension. Retention, along with up-selling and cross-selling, gives you business a boost and can offer a stream of high-value sales. This basic tenet is still true: It costs more to gain new customers than it does to keep old ones.

That’s why Continuity Programs offers three key programs to help provide a high return on investment:

  • Connections – Need a way to keep customers coming back, as well as generate leads, increase referral rates and convert your “lowest hanging fruit” into high-dollar customers? Connections are the answer. This turnkey customer retention marketing program, which uses direct mail and email marketing, allows businesses to customize communication touch points to establish a two-way conversation. And you can personalize all of your marketing material to include your logo, graphics and contact information to give agents a streamlined program and remain consistent in your branding.
  • eConnections – Need to target your entire customer database or a low-cost way to boost customer retention marketing results? The answer is eConnections. You can set up an e-greeting card program, with every touch point giving customers the means to respond by linking to an online lead-generating response form and subtly requesting referrals.
  • Reconnect – Want to stimulate growth from inactive customers in your database–and get them buying again? Continuity’s Reconnect program was developed with this in mind. It can address the unique needs of this customer segment, re-establishing the conversation, and helping former customers to see why they bought from you in the past — and why they should do it again.

Regardless of the marketing program you choose, your business — and your sales and marketing staff — can benefit from our turnkey solutions. With everyone in your business on the same page and using the same marketing materials and copy, you’ll maintain a steady stream of business from your investment in customer retention.

For more details about our proven marketing programs, contact Continuity Programs. Find out why our customized, personalized, comprehensive programs are the answer to your retention needs.

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