Brand Loyalty Marketing: Know, Like, Trust Lead To Bigger Sales

brand loyalty marketing, Continuity ProgramsEffective marketing involves more than simply spreading the word about your business. In fact, today’s savvy businesses are moving beyond traditional thinking with regard to marketing how-to. By prioritizing brand loyalty marketing principles, businesses extend their reach beyond the goal of letting consumers know about their business.

Mixing the “know” factor with “liking” and then “trusting” your business, your brand loyalty marketing will drive business to a high-value customer base and a steady stream of revenue.

Here are the three main factors of a successful brand loyalty marketing program, based on building relationships:

  • Know – A foundational step, in order to get customers to buy, they have to know about you. At this stage, consumers need to know that you exist and what you can do for them. In these types of communications, you’re not selling; instead, you’ll focus on marketing the value of your brand, products and services.
  • Like – In this phase, you can develop the “like” factor by setting yourself apart from the competition. How do you do that? By making it easy for people to buy from you, offering top-notch customer service, and continuing to showcase value.
  • Trust – In this final stage, the culmination of the brand loyalty marketing process, getting people to trust your business is fairly easy, if your actions speak as loudly as your words. Consumers are on the lookout for frauds, and will quickly jump ship to someone else offering similar services and products if you don’t hold true to what you say you’ll do. So earn consumer trust by treating customers well and consistently offering real value — and wait for the purchases to start rolling in. Because once you’ve earned trust, and people know you and like you, they’ll buy from you again and again, and they’ll buy higher-priced products/services.

Get your brand loyalty marketing campaign started by calling Continuity Programs today. Our turnkey, customized marketing solutions are designed to develop a steady stream of communications between your business and your customers.  Our programs are personalized on behalf of each salesperson, helping to turn those who know you into customers who like, trust — and buy from —  you.

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