Lead Generation Best Practices

lead generation best practices, Continuity ProgramsMaintaining the breakneck speed of the start-up phase of a business is difficult to do, particularly with lead generation. Many businesses never make the shift from that initial phase of quickly building a clientele to the goal of long-term customer relationships.

In order to succeed, your lead generation practices must also make this shift. Surprisingly, some of the best practices for lead generation — with the long-term goal of building a high-quality customer base of loyal consumers — don’t include buying lists or linking or paid search.

Instead, building a foundation of solid customer follow-up practices based on consistent communications with your customers will build relationships with, trust in and an emotional connection to your business. And that type of customer is often the best kind of lead-generation marketing.

Here’s what you need to know about lead generation best practices using relationship marketing:

  • Needs – Past marketing principles focused on what a business was able to do for consumers; relationship lead generation practices focus on the consumers, and building a campaign around what they need.
  • Weak spots – Businesses are most vulnerable to losing a lead if they don’t immediately respond once a consumer gets in touch. Know that this area of vulnerability exists, and develop effective follow-up practices.
  • Plan your strategy – Keep your business ever-present in the minds of consumers and prospects by establishing a series of communications that includes occasions just to say hello or thank you.
  • Market to educate – Avoid thinking that every, or even the majority of, communications you send out must be sales oriented. To the contrary, including educational and information materials helps to build relationships and showcases your business as the expert/authority to turn to, which in turn helps consumers feel confident to refer you.
  • Respond – Change and grow with consumer demand to not only stay ahead of the competition and drive sales, but to address the needs of those with whom you are in a relationship.

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