company cross-selling maximizes marketing efforts

Company Cross Selling: Are You Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts?

Company cross selling is a great way to increase revenue by marketing a different product or service to an existing customer. Because you already have an existing relationship, you don’t have to cold call or convince the customer that they should work with you. You already have their business, what can you do to expand […]

repeat customer marketing targets customer satisfaction

Repeat Customer Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Mix

Repeat customer marketing is an essential component of any good marketing strategy. After all, you have already convinced the customer to make at least one purchase. If you provide a good product or service, convincing them to make future purchases will take much less effort than converting a customer that isn’t already familiar with your […]

corporate loyalty programs, roi

How Effective Is Your Corporate Loyalty Program?

While plastic loyalty cards are useful, a comprehensive corporate loyalty program can be a much more effective marketing solution. Keeping existing customers returning to your business is much more cost-effective than trying to acquire new ones, which is why putting a little more time and effort into a targeted communication program is well worth the […]

backside marketing

Need Backside Marketing? Make The Most Of Your Space

Printed direct mail marketing is an effective way to provide information to a prospect or customer while promoting your business at the same time. The primary message is displayed on the front of the material, and an additional marketing message is included on the back. You’re already paying for printing and mailing, why not make use […]