company cross-selling maximizes marketing efforts

Company Cross Selling: Are You Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts?

Company cross selling is a great way to increase revenue by marketing a different product or service to an existing customer. Because you already have an existing relationship, you don’t have to cold call or convince the customer that they should work with you. You already have their business, what can you do to expand it?

Company cross selling can be implemented in a number of different ways including direct mail and email, but there are a few universal principles you can apply:

  • Personalize your message – Existing customers don’t want to be treated like sales targets. They have already been through your initial sales process and if you did it right, they should feel like a valued addition to your client base. Personalizing every message you send to them demonstrates that you do indeed value their business.
  • State your value proposition – In the case of existing customers, capitalize on what you already know about their purchasing habits. Do they value your competitive pricing, high quality, a money-back guarantee or some other unique feature?
  • Include a strong call to action – This is a critical component of any direct mail or email marketing campaign. Whether it is clicking on a link or calling a toll-free number, tell the customer exactly what you want them to do.
  • Make it easy for the customer – If you use direct mail, include a postage-paid response envelope with an order form. If you use email, include links that go to specific landing pages where the customer can make a purchase.

Company cross selling has benefits beyond boosting profits. It gives you an opportunity to present consistent branding and increase your profile among existing clients. It also builds customer loyalty as consumers become more financially and emotionally invested in your business.

How do you use company cross selling in your own business?

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