Optimizing Your Conversion Rate With Customized Calls To Action

Online marketing is no different from other marketing in that it requires a call to action that encourages the customer to take the next step, whether that is contacting your company or making a purchase. Optimizing your conversion rate can be accomplished by recognizing the four main buying stages your site visitors may occupy, and then […]

Taking Customer Loyalty Up a Notch: 5 Tips

According to recent research, improving your customer loyalty by just 10 percent can bring you an 80 percent boost in profits. When you think about it, a 10-percent improvement isn’t that drastic. Just by making a few changes in the way you approach customer retention, you could see an improvement like that within the year.

Telling Your Company’s Story: 3 Ways to Make Your Narrative More Compelling

Company storytelling has become a catch phrase in today’s marketing world and with good reason. To really stand out these days, you need to be remarkable. You need a narrative that resonates with your target audience. For all the current talk about storytelling, though, many companies are still coming up short. If you’re struggling with […]