Target Marketing — The Backbone of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Your sales and marketing departments are both vital components of your company, but if their efforts aren’t aligned, their effectiveness can be diminished. Worse, there could be times when these two important functions are working at odds with each other. To make sure both sales and marketing are working in tandem, apply some of the […]

5 Ways Personalized Marketing Campaigns Can Work for Your Firm

A personalized marketing campaign allows you to focus marketing efforts toward the individual customers who are most likely to be interested in your products and services. Personalized marketing is based on your knowledge of your customers—what they usually buy, what topics interest them, what their most common needs are and what they use to solve their […]

A Deeper Look at Relationship Marketing — 3 Tips for Making the Connection Count

Finding out information about your customers is much easier today because of the proliferation of social media platforms—a LinkedIn profile or series of tweets on Twitter, for example, can be very informative. In the best type of relationship marketing, the information you gather on your customers should come from more direct sources.

Continuity Programs Debuts New Building With Open House Customer retention strategy and relationship marketing firm celebrates its new space with special guests. Online PR News – WALLED LAKE, Mich. – Nov. 5, 2013 – Continuity Programs, a leader in customer relationship marketing and client retention strategies, recently held an open house in its new facility. Guests included clients and dignitaries at the […]

ceos and social media

CEOs Using Social Media Make an Impact – 7 Practical Tips for Success

Social media comprises a major component of the communications used to establish and maintain your company’s overall reputation and presence. CEOs and social media are a logical combination for companies that want to forge meaningful connections with customers while sustaining an edge over competitors.