losing clients

Keeping Clients Is Every Firms’ Goal, but What Do You Do When a Client Leaves?

Keeping clients is the goal of every company. However, the business world can be unstable, and despite all of the best efforts of a company’s management and staff, clients can leave the industry, go out of business or choose to go to one of your competitors. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for and […]

marketing research

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Tackling Market Research

The more you know about your industry and local market, the better you’ll be able to serve your customers and grow your business. Market research is the primary technique for finding out what customers want and what services you can provide to meet market needs. Good market research requires adherence to established practices and avoidance […]

tracking customer satisfaction

5 Big Benefits of Tracking Customer Satisfaction With Well-Crafted Surveys

There are some old truths of business that never lose their relevance, and perhaps the most important of them is “keep your customers satisfied.” One of the easiest ways to find out what keeps your customers happy is to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. These types of surveys can help you in the following five important […]

client loyalty

Inspire Client Loyalty With 5 Simple Steps Your Firm Can Implement Now

The client acquisition process requires a considerable investment of resources. Once you have a customer, it costs much less to maintain that individual than it does to find, convince and convert a new customer. Maintaining client loyalty requires its own particular type of investment and must be cultivated and supported throughout your organization to be […]

marketing tactics

The 3 Keys to Successful Marketing Tactics for Firms in Any Industry

No matter how specialized the industry, its marketing can be broken down into three essential marketing tactics: attraction, conversion and retention. Whether you deal in products or services, whether your company is a small retail boutique or a major manufacturer, these three marketing tactics will form the backbone of your business.

Drip Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing: Do You Know the Difference Between These Strategies?

Customer acquisition is traditionally a lengthy process that requires long-term dedication to finding, educating and convincing individuals who will purchase your products or services. Two common techniques in this category are drip marketing and lead nurturing. Both are long-term techniques that must unfold over time, and both require numerous contacts with potential customers. However, there […]