customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty: How to Build Emotional Bonds that Keep Your Customers Coming Back

When consumers buy an item, it’s common for the buyer to justify the purchase through logic, good reasons or practical concerns. In the majority of cases, however, this justification is a smokescreen. The actual purchase was motivated by an emotional reaction, whether to the company, the marketing message, the salesperson or the product itself. A company […]

marketing trends

3 Marketing Trends That Will Become Bigger Buzz Words in 2014

Some current marketing trends show signs of continued strength in 2014, and many appear to be set to become even more important to the contemporary marketer. Here are three marketing trends that are poised to undergo further refinements and become bigger factors over the coming year. Social media: As participation in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

Lead Generation

Revamping Your Lead Generation Campaign With the Start of a New Year

The start of a new year is a convenient milestone to celebrate while at the same time reviewing your lead generation tactics. Here are four of the most basic principles of lead generation. If your lead generation system is falling short in any of these areas, take the time to revamp your techniques and ensure the consistent […]

branding errors

3 Business Branding Errors to Avoid

A strong brand communicates a compelling message about your company. Stability, trustworthiness, care for customers–all are characteristics that a well-established brand represents. Building your brand takes careful attention to your company’s stated mission and identity and how those characteristics are presented to the world. Great care should be taken to avoid the following three major mistakes when […]

target market

Locating Your Target Market — Narrow It Down for Greater Success

As a businessperson, you know your products and services well, and you probably know who you sell to most often. But do you really know your target market as well as you should? Here are some suggestions you can use to narrow down your target market and help you see the most profitable areas for your marketing […]

database management

Database Management: 5 Pointers to Make Sure Your Firm Has Quality Information

The success of your business depends in large part on the quality of the information contained in your customer database. With poor or outdated data negatively affecting up to 40 percent of a company’s objectives, it pays to make sure your database management supports high-quality information that will return results.