customer retention

Customer Retention for 2014

Acquiring new customers is likely to be a common goal for companies and marketers in 2014. It’s certainly true that a steady influx of clients is important to sustaining a business. However, any company can gain new customers, generate more sales, and improve profits by focusing on existing customers with well-crafted customer retention programs. Why Focus on […]

database marketing

Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing

A new online resource has been published to help businesses focus their database marketing efforts for greater efficiency and success. “Continuity with Your Customers Part 1: Introduction to Database Marketing” provides a comprehensive primer on database marketing and what it can do to help your company succeed in a challenging, ever-evolving marketplace.

seo trends

SEO Trends in 2014 That Can Impact Your Marketing Reach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be a powerful and effective online marketing technique for businesses of all sizes. With powerhouses such as Google penalizing sites that produce poor content or use devious tactics, it’s critical to be aware of how SEO can help or harm you. Remember these SEO trends and how they could affect […]

inbound marketing

Are Your Inbound Marketing Strategies Paying Off? 5 Metrics to Make That Determination

The more you rely on inbound marketing to produce leads and clients, the more you need to know which elements of these processes are working and what results they’re producing. Relying on the wrong metrics to evaluate inbound marketing performance can leave you embracing statistics that may look impressive but aren’t truly representative of your marketing programs. […]

referral marketing

Are You Lacking in Referrals? Get in the Head of Your Clients for Guidance

When your clients are happy with their experiences with you, they often provide word-of-mouth endorsements for your business. This often includes referrals, which are suggestions made to friends and family that they, too, should use your products and services and should expect an equally fine client experience. Referral marketing is a powerful way to build your business quickly […]

New Resource Now Available on Database Marketing

At Continuity Programs, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients improve relationships with their customers. It’s what we do. One of the areas we specialize in to help companies with their customer communications is intelligent database marketing. We have now launched the first in a series of info sheets to help companies fully […]

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Tips: How to Understand What Customers Want

Serving your customers and keeping them satisfied is vital to the continued existence of your business. Yet maintaining happy customers and anticipating what they want seems as difficult as ever. Customer satisfaction doesn’t require magic or the ability to predict the future; it simply requires the ability to see your business and the benefits of your offerings […]