client retention strategy

Increasing Client Retention Is a Constant Goal — 4 Ways to Make That Happen

Finding leads and converting them to customers is a major concern for any company, but these processes are only part of a comprehensive client retention strategy. Here are four reliable ways to increase client retention: Reward your clients – Your clients will react favorably to gestures that make them feel noticed and appreciated. For example, provide customer-only discounts, […]

More Database Marketing Tips Now Available in Our Resource Center

Are you ready to reach out to your contacts and customers with a marketing message? Let your database work for you. Continuity Programs introduces the second in our new resource series to help you understand how to implement a more effective database marketing campaign. It’s full of tips and solutions that your company can implement […]

email marketing

Survey Shows Email Marketing Still Packs a Punch Compared to Social Media Efforts

Marketing through social media is important to a comprehensive marketing strategy, but a recent industry survey shows that email marketing remains a powerful technique for getting your sales messages, offers and promotions in front of the people most likely to respond to them. In an iConsumer survey conducted by the international management consulting firm McKinsey & […]

Reaching Out to Past Clients Is Worth the Effort, Don’t Let Your Competition Steal Them

Finding new leads and cultivating them into customers is a necessary process, but it shouldn’t be the only method you use to keep the revenue flowing. Your past customers are also a rich source of potential sales, one that will take less commitment of resources and effort to reacquire. By reaching out to past clients, you’ll be […]

developing customer surveys

5 Important Pointers for Developing Client Surveys

Communicating regularly with your customers gives you the chance to find out what you’re doing right and wrong directly from the persons most affected by your actions. Developing client surveys that make the best use of this opportunity to communicate with your customers will let you ask the important questions that can help you refine your business […]