ties with customers

Create Stronger Ties With Your Customers With These Tips

A good business/customer relationship means you’ve competently provided what they want or need. They are pleased with the transaction and are likely to come back for your products and services again. Here are some useful ways to create stronger ties with your customers and ensure both you and they get the maximum benefit from your interaction.

Continuity Programs Not Affected By Heartbleed Bug

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services. Fortunately, Continuity Programs never incorporated OpenSSL in any of our products and services. Our customers don’t need to worry, as our services continue to […]

Infographic Unveils Rules for Client Retention

At Continuity Programs, we keep our fingers on the pulse of marketing in several industries. When it comes to real estate, we’ve discovered some intriguing statistics about client retention. Did you know that a 10 percent increase in your client retention rate yields a 30 percent rise in the value of your company?

lead generation

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Go Hand in Hand

Marketing automation is a business strategy that can give you a significant edge in the acquisition, nurturing and conversion of new customers. Evidence continues to mount that a well-run and intelligently deployed system of marketing automation can produce substantial improvements in sales efficiency, lead generation, customer retention and conversion.

direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: 3 Keys to Getting it Opened Time After Time

With all the attention that’s paid to online marketing in today’s business environment, it’s easy to lose track of a reliable, tested and effective way to get customers’ attention: direct mail marketing. For many, direct marketing gets assigned to the category of “junk mail” that’s more likely to be thrown away unopened than read. If you’re […]

direct mail marketing

5 Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mail Marketing Content

Even though much of today’s marketing efforts are focused online, the old tried-and-true method of direct mail marketing still works to produce leads and conversions. Here are five effective techniques for creating stronger content that will capture attention and convince readers to take the next step in the marketing process.

repeat customer marketing encourages brand loyalty

Best Ways to Keep Your Name in Front of Clients for Repeat Business

It takes time and resources to nurture a prospect from qualified lead to paying customer. The return on investment you’ve made in acquiring customers can be compounded significantly by pursuing repeat business from existing clients. Here are some effective ways to keep your name in your clients’ awareness so that they’re likely to turn to you […]

Cross Media Marketing

Creating a Cross Media Marketing Campaign to Boost Your Sales Potential

Today’s technology gives the modern marketer the option to take their most effective sales and marketing messages into different media. This type of cross media marketing lets you start a campaign in electronic or print media, for example, then after a suitable time for response has passed, move the campaign into the opposite media.