prospecting program techniques

Tried and True Prospecting Program Techniques

When new techniques for customer acquisition emerge, it’s tempting to give them a try. Some may be useful, but if they don’t work for your company, you’ll end up wasting substantial amounts of time and effort for little return. The best way to ensure successful prospecting program results, devote a major portion of your prospecting […]

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social media lead generation

How Best to Boost Your Lead Generation Results with Social Media

Social media gives you multiple opportunities to reach customers and build brand awareness. At the same time, using social media to its best effect can also improve lead generation and bring in more potential customers for your business. Here are some productive ways that you can improve lead generation results with your social media participation.

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Turnkey Marketing Programs

Drive Sales with Turnkey Marketing Programs That Don’t Feel “Cookie-Cutter”

Turnkey marketing programs give you the advantage of speed in your marketing efforts. They can be implemented quickly, giving you almost immediate access to features such as prospect and customer segmentation, print media, and email marketing. When applying turnkey marketing programs, you must carefully balance speed and ease of implementation with the need to differentiate your […]

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target audience

Defining Your Target Audience When Developing a Marketing Strategy

You no doubt understand your products and services extremely well, but do you know who you’re selling them to? All products and services will have a target market, a group of clients and potential clients who will be most interested in your products and receive the most benefit from what your business has to offer. If […]

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Using Strategic Email Marketing for Quality Lead Generation

A 5-Pronged Approach for Using Strategic Email Marketing for Quality Lead Generation

As a technique for lead generation, email marketing is fast and effective. By using the following five steps to develop your strategic email marketing program, you’ll be able to get your message in front of the customers who are most likely to respond to your value proposition.

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online content

6 Elements of Online Content That Makes It Shareable and Grows Your Audience

Content marketing is a powerful tool made even more effective through shareable online content. The effects of your content marketing efforts will be multiplied many times if your current customers share your content with friends, family and colleagues who may not know about you. Here are six elements for creating appealing, shareable online content.

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Brand consistency

Brand Consistency: One of the Most Powerful Marketing Tools Available

Building and maintaining a brand in the modern marketplace requires using every tactic available to you to get customer attention and interest. One of the most powerful tools you can use to help your brand grow and thrive is brand consistency. Brand consistency means constantly using a consistent image, voice and message in presenting your […]

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