Turnkey Marketing Programs

Drive Sales with Turnkey Marketing Programs That Don’t Feel “Cookie-Cutter”

Turnkey marketing programs give you the advantage of speed in your marketing efforts. They can be implemented quickly, giving you almost immediate access to features such as prospect and customer segmentation, print media, and email marketing. When applying turnkey marketing programs, you must carefully balance speed and ease of implementation with the need to differentiate your company and deliver unique, relevant marketing messages. Here are some ways to produce effective marketing communications that don’t feel generic and “cookie-cutter.”

  • Use what you know about your prospects and customers: After spending considerable resources building your customer database, you should have a significant amount of relevant information on your prospects and customers. Use this data to segment your customers based on interests, problems, industries, or other factors. Craft emails and marketing messages that address those specific areas. Turnkey marketing programs should be able to separate and send messages based on the criteria you specify. Customers and prospects will respond better to marketing that is specific to their needs.
  • Personalize the message: An effective turnkey marketing solution should be able to add personalization to your marketing messages. This can include greetings and salutations, images, message content, and email subject lines. Using sincere greetings with the customers’ name will help build emotional ties and promote loyalty.
  • Include images, logos, and visuals: Increase brand awareness by including your logo within your marketing emails. Include relevant photographs, graphics, and other images and visuals that help solidify your marketing message. Photos of staff members or your facilities, for example, can help put a human face on your company and increase customer connections.
  • Provide links to social media and website: Your turnkey marketing program should be able to create links to your social media accounts along with the text of relevant articles, posts, or tweets. Social media content changes rapidly, so using a marketing system that is responsive to that fact will help you maintain freshness, originality, and uniqueness in your marketing messages.

How could you use turnkey marketing programs to their best advantage while making sure they reach your customers and prospects in a unique, customized way?

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