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Customer Retention That Embraces Both the Virtual and Traditional

The costs of retaining a customer are significantly less than those of gaining that customer in the first place, so it makes sense to maintain a strong customer retention program. Long before the Internet and smartphones, traditional methods of customer retention were highly successful. Today, combining the virtual and traditional will create a customer retention strategy that gets attention and produces results.

Virtual Methods of Customer Retention

  • Email – Email has become the most common method of communication, and for many customers, it will be the preferred method of hearing from you. Establish a program of regular email communication with your customers to maintain awareness and interest.
  • Text messaging – The majority of Americans own a smartphone, which means text messaging capabilities should be available to your customers. Statistics indicate that almost all text messages get opened, so communicating with your customers via text will be a highly effective way to get your message delivered. Just make sure you receive permission to communicate with them this way.
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter and the other social media players have a strong presence in your customers’ lives. Establish accounts on the major social media sites and engage with customers to improve retention.

Traditional Methods

  • Direct mail – Direct mail has a long history of success in converting and retaining customers. A physical piece of mail, whether a letter, brochure or other printed piece, brings your presence to customers. Your clients may also be pleasantly impressed to receive a physical mailing from you.
  • Telephone – Tried and true, the telephone gives you direct contact with your customers and makes the interaction more personal. Pick up the phone and call, find out what customers want from you, and commit to providing it.
  • In-person visits – Depending on the scope of your product and service offerings, an in-person visit to your best customers will make a significant impression. Make arrangements to meet at their home or business location, at a conference or any other place where you can have a meaningful conversation and reinforce your determination to keep them as customers.

How could your customer retention results be improved by mixing virtual and traditional retention techniques?

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  1. This is the reason we get customers to order with an email address rather than the often suggested easier option of using only a mobile phone.
    Customer retention is far easier if you have an email address and I agree that email is the best method of getting return orders.

    This is a very useful and informative article. Thank you.

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