Announcement – Online Client Satisfaction Surveys for Real Estate Now Available

A new system of online client satisfaction surveys for real estate will help Continuity Programs better serve its client base of real estate professionals. Established as part of the company’s Connections client follow-up system, the online client satisfaction surveys will give real estate professionals the opportunity to uncover important information about their interactions with clients and their […]

4 Effective Upselling Tips for Enhancing the Client’s Experience

Upselling is a proven technique for improving the customer’s experience while at the same time boosting company profits. Successful upselling often consists of little more than asking customers if they’d prefer a larger amount of a product (for example, a large cup of coffee rather than a medium) for a better price. However, upselling also […]

Lead Generation Techniques That Ensure Optimal ROI

An effective lead generation program is vital to the continued survival of any business. However, just generating leads isn’t enough; an appreciable percentage of the leads must be converted to paying customers to maintain an acceptable return on investment. Here are some lead generation techniques you can apply to your marketing to improve the ROI […]

Customer Database Marketing: The Key to Lead Generation and Retention

The daily work of finding new leads and retaining customers will, over time, generate considerable amounts of data. To continue bringing in new leads and serving your current customer base, this data needs to be organized and managed effectively. Effective CRM and database tools will allow you to use the data you already possess for […]

How to Maximize Customer Retention So Your Marketing Efforts Don’t Go to Waste

Conventional wisdom is that it costs substantially more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a customer you already have. Effective customer retention requires careful attention, not only to larger issues of product quality, pricing and customer service, but to smaller and more subtle factors that can erode client confidence and inspire […]