Announcement – Online Client Satisfaction Surveys for Real Estate Now Available

A new system of online client satisfaction surveys for real estate will help Continuity Programs better serve its client base of real estate professionals.

Established as part of the company’s Connections client follow-up system, the online client satisfaction surveys will give real estate professionals the opportunity to uncover important information about their interactions with clients and their overall needs.

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The online client satisfaction surveys for real estate will help agents, managers and owners determine critical elements of their client relationships, such as:

  • Client satisfaction with the real estate company’s services
  • Client descriptions and perceptions of services received and interactions with sales associates
  • Characteristics of buyers and sellers
  • Factors that convince clients to choose the real estate company
  • The percentage of clients who have had more than one transaction with the company
  • Clients who want information on other products or services or those that referral partners offer
  • The potential timing of clients’ needs for other services provided by the company
  • The percentage of clients who would recommend the company to a relative, friend or colleague

Client satisfactions surveys are sent to homeowners by email. For those who don’t respond within a specified time, the survey is sent in physical form on paper, with a postage-paid envelope to encourage response.

Contact us today to find out more about the Connections follow-up program and the Continuity Programs online client satisfaction surveys for real estate.

Agents and teams can sign up and gain access to the Connections Program online today.