Setting up a Customer Tracking System for Loan Officers

ClientTracker-437x234Do you currently use a customer tracking system for your loan officers? By tracking your past customers, you can turn them into repeat customers or a good source of referrals.

What Is a Customer Tracking System?

In the mortgage industry, your current customers could become new clients as they move from one home to another. Previous customers are desirable because you already have crucial information like income and credit history available; you know which of your previous customers are likely to be good repeat customers. Most importantly, they already know and trust you. A good customer tracking system will offer three key benefits:

  • Watch the Properties

One simple but effective tactic is to keep an eye on the properties your customers have purchased. When one of these properties goes on the market, the odds are good that your previous client will be looking for another property. Also, you can contact them and offer to pre-approve their potential buyers.

  • Track Changing Circumstances

As financial circumstances and the general economic climate changes, your client’s needs are likely to change as well. By monitoring this information, you may be able to determine when certain previous clients are open to refinancing or restructuring loans.

  • Better Customer Service

Are your current customers getting the attention they need? When you provide excellent customer service for your current clients, they may become a source of leads in the future.  You can improve your chances of getting referrals by serving your current clients well.

If you want to have more repeat customers and more referrals from existing customers, a customer tracking system such as ClientTracker may work for you.