How to Attract New Customers With Both Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Keeping your existing customers happy is obviously important, and if your company is going to expand and continue to move forward, you also need new customers coming in. While many small businesses are moving toward electronic marketing methods only, the fact is that you can do a better job to attract new customers with direct mail […]

How Contractors Can Get More Testimonials

Testimonials mean a lot to today’s relationship-oriented consumer. With so much information at their fingertips, people are researching purchases of equipment and services far more than ever before, and when all the facts and figures have been entered into the equation, many consumers use likability as a tiebreaker. To rank high on that relationship-building scale, you’ll need […]

3 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Client Referral Program

All successful real estate agents know that if they want to succeed they must find a way to build trust with prospective clients. In real estate one of the best ways to develop a trust-based relationship with clients is to be introduced to them by a mutually-trusted party. Simply put, people are much more likely […]

ClientTracker Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Lead Generation Made Easy

After more than 30 years of steady growth, the United States real estate market experienced a dramatic downturn in 2006. Now, the market is recovering. Real estate professionals who have weathered the troubled times are once again positioned to succeed. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this upturn in the market, you will […]