The Advantages of a Keep-in-Touch Program for Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage professionals occupy a unique position in the financial world. The home is the largest purchase most consumers will ever make; very few homebuyers have the funds available to purchase a home outright. As a mortgage professional, you are an essential part of making the dream of home ownership into reality. Underwriting mortgages can be profitable, but […]

3 Steps to Automating Your Corporate Marketing

With more marketing channels available today than ever before, automating corporate marketing is the best way to streamline marketing and ensure you maintain a consistent message and image across all the channels. Ideally, it will increase internal efficiency and keep your customers coming back. Online and offline Many larger companies today are hiring marketing employees […]

Invitation Mailers: How to Make Sure Your Next Event is a Huge Success

Events are a huge part of getting new customers to work with your company for many small businesses. That’s true of all sorts of companies, from art galleries to car dealerships to service-based businesses like landscape designers and insurance agencies. Knowing how to design and create an invitation mailing successfully can be tricky, however. In […]

Developing a Company Cross Selling Campaign

A company cross selling campaign is a great way to capitalize on your hard-earned customer base. With cross selling, you already know your audience and that they are both aware and interested in your products and services. Lead generation and acquisition of new customers cost significantly more than maintaining a relationship with existing customers and […]

Ideas to Make Your Contractor Direct Mail Campaign Pop

Marketing is all about setting yourself apart from your competition and standing apart from the rest.  If your contractor direct mail doesn’t pop, it might end up having negative effects when it comes time to calculate your marketing ROI. Before you put the postage on your next contractor direct mail pieces, check out these tips […]

4 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Marketing More Effective

There’s plenty of information out there regarding effective real estate marketing, so to get you thinking about some fresh ideas for 2016, we’ve pulled together four of the best ideas available right now. The focus is still on inbound, with an eye towards reducing the amount of time you need to spend on your marketing […]

3 Ways Loan Officers Can Get More Referrals

The real estate game is constantly changing with the players rotating in and out. Whether it’s realtors you’ve been working with or past clients you’re still connected to, depending on them to provide consistent business isn’t possible. To keep your work flowing, you need to have referrals for new work when the regular work is slow. […]