3 Benefits of Using Corporate Just Sold Mailers

Real estate agents must spend some time marketing everyday. Many top salespeople advise new agents: “If you are not selling, you are marketing.” While the real estate industry is among the first to adopt new technology, some of the most effective marketing techniques are time tested methods that have been around for many years. One […]

Loyalty Marketing Program Ideas for Mortgage Professionals

Customer loyalty programs are extremely popular.  It seems that every restaurant, supermarket and department store has a club card or smartphone app designed to encourage repeat shoppers.  Retaining customers is good business.  You have the opportunity to develop a relationship with repeat customers.  In the mortgage industry, most customers only need a new mortgage or […]

How to Use Print Mail to Increase Your Repeat HVAC Business

Studies have shown time and again that repeat customers generate more revenue and profits for your business than merely finding new customers will. Retaining these customers over time is crucial for maximizing profits for your contracting business. Therefore, one thing you may want to determine is how HVAC contractors use print mail to get these customers to come […]

How to Get the Most out of Your HVAC Co-op Marketing Dollars

Being a member of a co-op or working with certain manufacturers usually comes with many benefits.  From cost savings to increased exposure, every member of the co-op should feel that they’re part of something bigger that makes each participating business a little better.  Marketing is an essential ingredient in this mix, so here are some […]

Does Your Real Estate Client Follow-Up Need a Little Work?

The majority of your clients are probably extremely pleased with the service you’ve provided them. That’s good news, because it means they’ll likely recommend you to others and use your services again themselves. Client loyalty is one of your most valuable marketing assets, but you need to stay on a client’s radar if you want […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Mortgage Marketing Communications

You’ve got your marketing program set and you’re sending out regular communications, but you’re not getting the response you expected. Your program may need help. Look over these ideas for making your mortgage marketing communications more effective. 1.) Target your marketing. Some marketing programs send mass mailings indiscriminately. To make every dollar count, create targeted mailings […]