Attracting Top Talent: 3 Things Your Firm Should Be Doing

Regardless of your industry, it is a people business. Attracting top talent is on the mind of every business owner and manager. The basics of a good salary, retirement plans, and other benefits must be in place. But to keep top talent, you also have to provide job satisfaction. Just as acquiring customers is highly competitive, […]

Customer Retention: Elements of an Effective Contractor Newsletter

Bringing back consistently loyal customers to your HVAC company for service should always be a company objective. A loyal customer base provides the backbone of your business revenues, much more so than generating new business does. Many marketing methods are available to keep customers returning for service that can be effective when deployed properly to your customer […]

Is Your Website Killing Your Real Estate Business?

While up to 70% of your real estate business leads will come from your sphere and referrals, Internet marketing, including your website, can bring up to 10% of your business. This number is continually growing as new generations enter the market and older generations realize there is a lot they can do themselves before even picking up the […]

Effective Ways to Jumpstart Your Mortgage Sphere of Influence

As a mortgage lender, you provide finances to put people and businesses into properties. No matter where you do business, there are customers available. The trick is to make sure these customers know who you are and why they should be doing business with you. Your sphere of influence is the people and businesses you […]