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How to Propel Your Small Business With Radius Marketing

Marketing to your existing customers and using marketing to expand is obviously important for any small business. Radius marketing, which targets people around a certain address, could be just what your company needs. Keep reading to learn more about this style of marketing and how it can help you retain your current customers and find […]

What Is Your Client Follow-Up Program Missing?

For any business, the client follow-up program is a vital aspect of the marketing strategy. In addition to repeat business from the client database, follow-up should also bring you referrals. Anytime you communicate with your valued clients, you should be asking for referrals. But you must do more than just include the request in an automated […]

Must-Have Tools for Mortgage Lead Generation

Without customers, you have no business. Without new customers, you have no growth. You know that gathering leads is crucial to continued success in your mortgage business. With the changing landscape in everything related to real estate, what are the must-have tools for mortgage lead generation today? Social Media You’re no doubt in one of […]

How to Sell More to Your HVAC Customers with Cross-Selling

As a contractor, you’re a Jack of Many Trades, and you’re well-connected within the home improvement and fix-it communities.  These are great attributes that can lead to success, especially when you consider that many of your customers have more than a single need when they call upon you to help them with their homes. Contractor […]

Creative Ideas for the Best Sold Postcards

In real estate, if you’re not busy selling, you’re busy marketing. And while there are many impressive ways to market, one of the most proven techniques is sending out just sold real estate postcards. Real estate postcards have endured the test of time for good reason—they work. With the right design and lead generation built […]

Developing a Better Mortgage Lead Management System

In any industry, attracting and maintaining customers is a necessary part of doing business. The first step to getting customers is getting leads. There are many potential sources of leads; here are a few common sources: Website In the modern connected world, your website is your primary point of contact with potential customers. When people […]

4 Real Estate Marketing Rules You Should Break

While traditional real estate marketing techniques should be respected (they wouldn’t be traditional if they didn’t work), the biggest results usually go to those willing to periodically buck the tried and true. A strong web presence and memorable business cards will always be important, but there are times that breaking out of your rut is […]