small business social media strategy

Social Media: How to Create an Effective Strategy for Small Business Marketing

The relevance of social media isn’t lost on most small business owners these days. With the average American spending 37 minutes on social media sites each day, the importance has never been more obvious. The problem is that many people simply don’t know how to use it in terms of effective small business marketing. Keep […]

Your Customer Database Is Gold

Your Customer Database Is Gold! The Fortune Is in the Follow-up

Gold was originally discovered by humans around 5000 B.C. and is so valued that most of the gold mined since that time is still in circulation. The word is commonly used to describe anything cherished, beneficial, rare and difficult to obtain. It is a good way to view your customer database. Extracting gold from the earth […]

Mortgage referral program

4 Keys to a Mortgage Referral Program That Works

If you hope to succeed in the mortgage business, you need a steady source of new customers.  Advertising and marketing have their places, but a mortgage referral program, where you reward your existing customers for providing leads on new customers, can be a highly effective tool.  If you depend on high-quality, actionable leads, a customer […]

successful real estate agents

Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

There’s no better example of a self-motivated entrepreneur than a real estate agent. Entrepreneurs are defined by their initiative, willingness to take risks, and ability to dig in and get their hands dirty. So, what makes a successful real estate agent? While it’s important to stay on trend with the latest marketing techniques and technological […]

customer relationship marketing

Maximize Profits With Mortgage Customer Relationship Marketing

Marketing is a primary key to success in every industry.  Without marketing, you depend on your customers to find you.  Marketing is your way of reaching out to potential customers, so you can turn them into actual customers.  There are many different methods to choose from; you could rely on advertising, frequent home shows or […]

real estate client database

How to Unlock The Potential in Your Real Estate Client Database

Clients are a real estate agent’s most important asset—and a real estate client database is essential to best serving those customers through consistent delivery of relevant, valuable information that keeps your brand and name at the top of their minds. Effective use of your real estate client database opens the door to easier prospecting, more […]