Small Business Email Marketing: How to Write Compelling Email Copy

The average consumer is flooded with email messages each day. From advertisements for home products, to department store sales, to notifications from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, most people simply don’t have time to wade through all of it. Marketing copy is often the first thing that gets moved to the trash. If […]

Mortgage Lead Generation

Mortgage Lead Generation From Referral Partners

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, marketing to past customers, improving websites, targeting renters, and distributing marketing materials like brochures and flyers are all common strategies lenders use for mortgage lead generation. Leads, of course, are essential if you’re in the business of financing mortgages, with every lead a possible loan customer. While all of these methods […]

Contractor Marketing Website

Contractor Marketing: Is Your Website Helping or Hurting You?

Generating leads is paramount to your contracting business. While this may be stating the obvious, it is critical that your website creates a responsive environment for your contractor marketing goals. Merely having a presence on the web is not good enough in the competitive marketplace. While SEO and keywords certainly help to drive web traffic for […]

contractor marketing

Examples of Contractor Marketing Campaigns That Generate Leads

Contractor marketing is a very specific niche where reputation, reliability, and timing come together in ways unlike many other industries.  Staying at the top of your customers’ minds and competing in an industry filled with professionals of all prices and levels of quality is far from easy, but the right contractor marketing can put you […]