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Bank Customer Onboarding Campaign Samples

You get one chance to welcome a new customer, so it’s essential to get it right. The bank customer onboarding process is a critical part of the customer experience. Financial institutions need a well-implemented process that will improve engagement with new account holders, foster a positive customer experience, and differentiate them from the competition.

WELCOME ABOARD™ by Continuity Programs

A successful bank customer onboarding campaign requires a strategy that lets the customer feel that you know and understand them, will look out for their unique individual needs, and reward them for their loyalty to your financial institution. Our 90-day onboarding program is designed to drive customer loyalty and increase cross-sell ratios after an account opening.

At Continuity Programs, we’ve developed a proven system that will make your onboarding process easier and more effective, allowing you to collect the information you need to deliver more targeted messages to your customers based on their interactions with your bank. Your communications will be more relevant, and they will reinforce the customer’s decision to open an account.

Our just released WELCOME ABOARD™ program guide includes sample customer communications that can all be customized for your particular brand and goals.

Done well, your bank customer onboarding campaign not only thanks a customer for opening an account, it also keeps the customer informed, encourages her or him to take the next steps in using their account, and provides access to customer service areas. Taking these steps shows your customers you value them and their business, and it puts your bank on track for cross-selling goals, as well as customer retention and referrals.

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